Can charities re-gain our trust?

charity316488932The high profile collapse of Kids Company and concerns about fundraising practices have been in the headlines this year, alongside the very challenging causes that need the support of the third sector. “The last few months will have shaken the public’s trust and confidence in charities.” says Paula Sussex in the Guardian.  She goes on to describe the solution as better regulation, but have charities stopped understanding their customer, the donor?

Aggressive street or telesales tactics and lack of transparency about the funding ‘pie’ suggest that they may have shifted towards a sales-orientation, more commonly exhibited by solar panel (used to be double-glazing) sales people.  Jeremy Corbyn’s crowd-sourcing of 46,000 questions for PMQs shows just how easy it should be for charities to ensure that they are communicating clearly with their supporters and responding to their needs as well as those of their benefactors.

Guardian article


MeaHelf for heros2nwhile here are some fantastic students from Devon who worked their socks off to raise £1,276 for Help for Heroes. I feel sure that this charity will be keeping their trust and support.


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