When CSR and KPIs collide

VW a tarnished image‘As far as Volkswagen Group is concerned, bearing its social responsibility has long been at the heart of our corporate culture…’


Those are just a few of the words from the volkswagenag.com website and they are followed by various references to health, education and a culture which integrates ‘traditional entrepreneurial business values with a modern understanding of responsibility and sustainability’.  So what went wrong?

Organisational culture is a system of shared beliefs, values and behaviours. VW’s  corporate social responsibility words seem to represent the beliefs and values but the behaviours deviated from this.  Were these rogue behaviours, focused on Key Performance Indicators unrelated to CSR or will it transpire that their beliefs and values were not really shared?

It will be interesting to follow the VW story and find out where the dust settles after this collision.


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