Secrets of Business Growth

Devon-based TDA business is launching a new  ‘Knowledge Network’ as part of its business support portfolio.  And boy is it needed!  The Torbay area’s draft Economic Development Strategy makes for pretty tough reading, making the task of encouraging business growth something of a Himalayan trek.

Torbay’s GVA is 38.5% lower than the UK average and, using the UK Competitiveness Index, it is 22.2% less competitive than the UK average.  But there is some hope on the horizon as there are 4010 active businesses in the area and the draft economic strategy describes some promising increases in start-ups and entrepreneurial activity.

Any published ‘secrets of business growth’ will refer to many factors including profile raising (perhaps by becoming an industry thought leader), access to growth finance and clear vision and strategy. All such lists will also refer to hiring the right people and investing in those people.

The new TDA Knowledge Network launches in 2018 with two top speakers that will focus firmly on engaging and supporting people, helping them to reach for those Himalayan peaks; achieving personal excellent and working together to reach goals.

Andy Cope will present a workshop on his very successful ‘art of brilliance’ programme on the 22nd February and Nigel Risner will focus on workplace communications using his unique model in June. Both events take place at the Palace Theatre in Paignton and are offered at very reasonable prices. Judging by the feedback that both speakers receive, it should be money very well spent!

BOOK HERE Andy Cope 22nd February 2018

BOOK HERE Nigel Risner 15th June 2018

Torbay Economic Strategy (draft) Evidence Base Feb 2017 available here.




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